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Anonymous asked: With Jen and other celebs naked photos running around the web do u really believe there is something we can do to stop or effect the way social media works or treats woman? Or is the media already too corrupt and powerful to prevent it from happening?


Dialogue is key, it’s important. No, there is no way to enact overall change and a dismantling of this sexist patriarchal society with just one incident. Or even hundreds of incidents. But feminists have to stay vigilant. I know people shit on “social justice warriors” and “twitter activism,” but I fully stand by the idea that talking about these kinds of issues, intelligently, and opening a thoughtful dialogue and writing and reading articles that explore these things is important. This is why education is so important. And, slowly, it will change minds and opinions and eventually erode the toxic structures that hurt not only women, but men too.

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The way the victims of this hacking scandal have been handled, even among some of the more sympathetic press, is very disappointing and pithy.

On the bright side, this crime has instigated a discussion about the state of gender and celebrity that needed to be had. I just wonder if it will be worth it.

Of course, that’s probably not up to me to say.